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Who Invited You?

Distillers Jane and Jamie

Gin couldn’t get any more local than this. Based just down the road in Willoughby, we’re pleased to introduce Unexpected Guest Distillery and bring you not only a House Gin that sets the standard, but their complete range of gins, perfect for any occasion.

Created by distillers Jane and Jamie, gin lovers through and through, and passionate about native Australian botanicals, they have created a range of gins that can be enjoyed on their own, as a G&T or as a base for one of our House Gin Cocktails.

Let’s introduce you to their gins… Bobby, Clementine, Young Tom and Disco Flamingo.

With Bobby, cheeky is the word, juniper forward with a hint of pepper popping out. Clementine arrives with exciting flavours of Australian lavender to break the traditional gin rules. Young Tom bursts onto the scene with his affinity to native lemon myrtle and the sweetness of liquorice root. Disco Flamingo wraps things up with an edginess that’s irresistible, and a warm and fruity finish.

With the largest selection of Gin on the North Shore, we're confident you’ll find your perfect match to sip, quaff and enjoy! Why not take a Gin Flight and sample any three from our Gin List of over 80 gins.

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