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McLaren's Best Kept Secret

Can you keep a secret? We hope so as this wine from Samson Tall in McLaren Vale is pretty special and we don't want everyone finding out about it!

We recently paid a visit to South Australia, we like to call it 'research & development' (!) and we were absolutely amazed by what we found. Not only is Adelaide a beautiful city, full of charm and an amazing nightlife, but the surrounding areas have a huge selection of great produce, gins (more about those in a future post) and wine.

Of the many wineries we visited, Samson Tall was perhaps the most quaint. Set in McLaren Vale in an old pug church, the cellar door has a real charm about it, along with a rich history. It is that history, which gives Samson Tall its name and you'll have to pay them a visit to hear the full story, as well as sample their full range of stunning wines.

We're thrilled to be able to bring you two of their reds, a 2020 Grenache and also their 2019 Tempranillo, and we will be stocking their Cinsault Mataro Rose very shortly too. We added them to our wine list this week and they have already received a huge thumbs up from customers. But remember, don't tell everyone, this is our little secret!


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