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Our Favourite New Cocktail

Introducing the 'Brighton Punch'. Using Brighton Gin's Seaside Gin, navy strength at 57% ABV, this one packs a punch!

We've teamed up with Brighton Gin to bring our hometown gin to the North Shore, one of the only bars, if not the only bar, in Sydney to stock their Pavilion & Seaside Gins.

Inspired by the seaside Punch & Judy puppet show, our 'Brighton Punch' cocktail is a cheeky and fruity little number. With sweet apple juice and sharp plum courtesy of Pyewachets Davidson Plum Shrub, and blackberry notes from crème de mure, this is a delight to drink. But remember, at 57% proof this one packs a punch!

How to make...

  • 60ml Brighton Seaside Gin

  • 60ml Apple Juice

  • 30ml Lime Juice

  • 15ml Crème de Mure

  • 15ml Pyewachets Plum Shrub

Shake gin, apple juice & lime juice with ice and pour into a short glass with ice. Shake Crème de Mure & Plum Shrub with ice and pour over the top. Add blackberries to garnish.

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