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Hey Tom!

Your party isn't complete if Tom's not there, the ultimate plus one for any dinner party!

Introducing Young Tom from Unexpected Guest Gin. Your new best friend.

Unexpected Guest are your local gin distillers, from just down the road in Willoughby. Created by distillers Jane and Jamie, gin lovers through and through, and passionate about native Australian botanicals, they have created a range of gins that can be enjoyed on their own, as a G&T or as a base for one of our House Gin Cocktails.

Young Tom Bathtub Gin is for those who take a mellow approach to life and gin. Sweetened with liquorice root, and citrus notes of orange and lemon. We serve it with Strangelove's Dirty Tonic, a bold and beautiful take on the classic G&T.

It's also the perfect base for a classic cocktail with a twist, our 'Young Tom Collins' with Fever Tree Lime & Yuzu Soda.

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