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Get Punked!

With over 80 gins to choose from at The Sailor, we thought we'd help your selection by getting the Crew to select their favourite gins to put in the spotlight.

This week our Bar Manager, Serina, has chosen Steampunk Distillery's Lemon Eucalypt Gin.

We've got gins from all around Australia but this is the only one we have from Queensland.

Megan & Kate, who created the distillery on their farm up in Woombye on the Sunshine Coast, are both theatre nurses by day but somehow find the time to distill gin!

They came to visit the bar just before Christmas and it was great to chat to them about the spirits they've created (they also make vodka) and they've got lots of ideas for new flavours!

Their Lemon Eucalypt Gin infuses the leaves as part of the distillation process and includes juniper, coriander and finger lime in the mix too. It's so good that it was awarded Silver at last year's Australian Distilled Spirits Awards.

Serina has chosen to serve this with Artisan's Skinny Tonic, garnished with juniper berries and lemon myrtle leaf (grown on premises in our mini herb garden!)


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